R2 028 billion

(2016: R1 952 billion)

Headline earnings


R26 270 million

(2016: R23 009 million)

Return on equity



(2016: 15.3%)

Common equity tier 1



(2016: 13.9%)

Cost-to-income Ratio

Banking activities


(2016: 56.3%)


South African banking operations

Level 1 Status

(2016: Level 2)

Sim Tshabalala, Standard Bank Group chief executive, and some of the executive team providing an overview of our strategy

Who we are

Read our chairman's statement for an overview of the group's governance and ethics, the operating environment, managing risk, and board changes.

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Read our group chief executive's review for an overview of our performance against strategic priorities and value drivers.

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Read the group financial director's review for a comprehensive analysis of our financial performance and outcomes.

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Annual integrated report


Our Performance

Personal & business banking

"It is not so much our strategy but how well we execute it that will set us apart from our competitors. We have made pleasing strides in leveraging our investment in technology, equipping and empowering our people and streamlining our operations."

Peter Schlebusch

Chief executive, PBB and head of digitisation

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Human capital report

"We have a compelling purpose, a clear vision and have set ourselves ambitious aspirations to realise on our strategic journey - this will only be made possible through the collective effort of one of our most valuable assets, our people."

Sharon Taylor

Head of human capital

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Corporate & investment banking

"In executing our strategy, we focus on proactively partnering with our clients across geographies and sectors, driving Africa's growth. We continue to utilise our presence and deep knowledge of African markets to support our clients."

Kenny Fihla

Chief executive, CIB

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Information technology report

"I am encouraged by the group's ambitious transformation into a client-centric, digital universal financial services organisation, and group IT's profound contribution towards this."


Alpheus Mangale

Group CIO

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"Wealth is an important part of Standard Bank's strategy to deliver integrated universal financial services to its clients. We leverage the full capacity of the group to serve our clients, and create value for shareholders through diversified revenues, lower capital requirements and enhanced ROE."

Margaret Nienaber

Chief executive, Wealth

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Risk report

"We have a well-developed enterprise risk management framework which ensures a consistent approach to managing risk across the group with appropriate oversight and accountability, together with a clear risk appetite aligned to our group strategy."

Neil Surgey

Chief risk officer

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Why invest in us?

Investors require three things from us - growth, resilience and returns.
We allocate our resources to support the sustainable delivery of our strategy, which enables us to meet their expectations.

Partnering high
growth clients

Focusing on our clients will enable us to compete, grow and achieve scale in all our chosen markets.

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We will continue to safeguard the deposits our clients entrust to us and the capital our shareholders invest in us.

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Driving higher returns

The group's strategy for driving growth together with our strict focus on efficient use of capital, operational excellence and productivity supports the returns we deliver.

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Partnering high growth clients

Our key differentiators are:

  • Our proven ability to successfully defend our leading market shares in South Africa.
  • Our on-the-ground presence in 20 countries across sub-Saharan Africa with deep local knowledge and a fit-for-purpose franchise.
  • Our access to pools of capital through our presence in international markets, enabling our clients to fulfil their growth ambitions.
  • Our track record of growing earnings faster than the nominal GDP in the countries in which we operate by partnering high-growth clients in targeted markets.
  • Our modern core banking systems, which enables increasing digitisation and delivery of a better client experience.
  • Our ongoing investment in strong leadership and passionate people, the most critical determinant of our long-term success.
  • Our strategic partnership with ICBC, which provides us with an opportunity to provide financial services to clients operating in the China-Africa corridor.

Indicates where Liberty is
included in group data.

Indicates where information is
specific to our South African
banking operations only.

Demonstrating through-the-cycle resilience

We will safeguard deposits and capital through:

  • Our strong and liquid balance sheet which assists us in weathering cyclical downturns.
  • Our well-diversified businesses, by client, sector, product and geography, which provide good return profiles.
  • Our strategic focus on acquiring quality clients across our franchises, underpinned by clearly defined and dynamic risk appetite allocations, enables us to effectively manage our risk profiles.
  • Our well-developed and independently assured governance and risk management frameworks enable us to limit losses and reputational damage, and balance short- and long-term value creation imperatives.

Group financial

Liberty is included in group data.

Driving higher returns

We drive returns through:

  • Our focus on efficient allocation of capital.
  • Our delivery of operational excellence and productivity.
  • Maintaining a CLR within 80 to 100 bps.
  • Driving revenue growth faster than growth in costs.
  • Accelerating the digitisation of the group to ensure and enhance our competitiveness.
  • Making further changes to the group's architecture to become a more universal financial services organisation.
  • Assisting Liberty to recover.
  • Supporting faster, more inclusive and more sustainable economic growth and human development in South Africa and throughout the continent.

Group financial

Medium-term ROE target range of 18% to 20% from 2018

Liberty is included in group data.


  • Does the investment or opportunity align to our strategy?
  • Does it create value for our clients and support the group's ability to deliver a universal financial services offering?
  • Does it drive Africa's growth?


  • Does the investment or opportunity fall within our risk appetite and available resources, and can we deliver it through our existing expertise, processes and digital platforms?


  • Will the investment or opportunity provide us with an adequate return and unlock future opportunities to create value?

Allocating our capital

We apply a formal decision-making framework to optimally deploy the resources required to drive growth, deepen resilience and deliver shared value for all our stakeholders.

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The investment or opportunity will be assessed for acceptance by considering the trade-offs between our stocks of capital.

The investment or opportunity will either be ranked lower and be subject to trade-off decisions or will not be accepted.

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Read our chairman's statement for an overview of the group's governance and ethics, the operating environment, managing risk, and board changes.

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Read our group chief executive's review for an overview of our performance against strategic priorities and value drivers.

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Read the group financial director's review for a comprehensive analysis of our financial performance and outcomes.

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